Garden Thyme Limoncello

We tend to turn our noses up at thyme in the kitchen, aside from an occasional sprinkle in homemade spaghetti sauce. We usually put it to better use as ground cover in the garden; planted at the border, the Wooly, Creeping Red, and Lemon varieties provide color & fragrance while standing up to heavy foot traffic. Yet, when we returned from the Northwest Flower & Garden Show with a handful (understatement) of Little Prince of Oregon‘s ‘Archer’s Gold,’ we were inspired to add this citrus-scented thyme to our homemade limoncello.


To make Limoncello, simply peel the zest (sans white pith) of six to eight lemons, add to 750 ml. of your favorite vodka in a glass container, and cover. Store in a cool place for two to five days, then remove and discard peel. Tip: squeeze lemon juice into an ice cube try and freeze for later use.

To make Thyme Simple Syrup, bring equal parts water and sugar (three cups each) to a boil over high heat, stirring occasionally for five minutes. Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature. Pour through a sieve and discard thyme. Add Thyme Simple Syrup to Limoncello in a large glass pitcher. Keep cool until ready to serve, with lemon ice cubes.