A Pitcher of Pear Martinis

We threw a little post-holiday cocktail party for some of our girlfriends last night. Since we’re tired of apple cider, hot chocolate and holiday eggnog, but still wanted a cold weather cocktail…a pitcher of Fresh Pear + Rosemary Martinis seemed like just the ticket!


We like to keep cocktail recipes simple, with only three of four ingredients max, and in a pitcher if guests are coming over. Who wants to be a slave to the shaker all night long? Most recipes don’t offer a pitcher recipe, but we encourage you to research and improvise.

Using our favorite Corona herb shears (from the #GardenChat event at the IGC in Chicago last Summer), we clipped off five four-inch sections of rosemary from Little Prince of Oregon Nursery for Rosemary Syrup. It couldn’t be easier to make herb-infused simple syrup, with equal parts water and sugar (about one cup each) and five springs of rosemary. Bring the sugar and water to a boil in a saucepan. Constantly stir the mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved (about thirty  seconds). Remove the saucepan from heat, add rosemary and let in steep for at least thirty minutes. Discard rosemary.

For the Pear Purée, we used some leftover Royal Riviera pears from a Harry & David’s gift box. Remove the skin and core of three pears, cut them into one-inch pieces and blend with one T. fresh lemon juice, three tablespoons water and three tablespoons sugar. You can with strain the purée through a fine sieve or just skim the top with a spoon, like we did.

To make a pitcher of Fresh Pear + Rosemary Martinis, which serves about four people: Mix the Pear Purée with a half cup Rosemary Syrup and one cup Vodka. We used Grey Goose, and added ice cubes to the pitcher just before serving. We also served a bottle of sparkling water alongside, just in case anyone wanted to add a little fizz to their cocktail. It’s easy to double this recipe for a larger crowd, if necessary, and makes for a perfectly light and refreshing Winter drink to share with friends.